We will start up your airline in no time,

tell us the destination, we'll provide you with the aircraft.

We are an A-class airline, which allows us to operate every type of contemporary aircraft in our market. That's why we can offer you our technical and human resources to make your project come to life. Our experience in the sector and know how can help you find the most suitable type of aircraft depending on the route and expected traffic loads. [+]

That's why we are a leading company in this business.

Aeronova offers you a complete point to point air cargo service that covers any European and Northern African destinations in just under 5 hours. [+]

just sit down and enjoy your flight.

We have almost 20 years of experience in charter flights, as a client you can benefit from our know how. [+]

we've type rated hundreds of pilots.

Aeronova Airlines puts its training programs at your disposal to help you achieve your professional goals. [+]
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